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Please click on Logo to enter website Finepac ® Structures Pvt. Ltd. which began its operations in 1993, has its headquarters in Pune and has been active in manufacturing equipment for the chemical process industries. The company has an integrated portfolio of services and its USP is its constant innovation in terms of applying cutting-edge revolutionary technologies. Led by technocrats P.K. Shah and Suhas Wakchaure, the company has made available to the industry the advantages of high efficiency devices for separation technology solutions. Finepac ® has a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant with an area of 20,000 sq.ft. Machines and tools developed with innovative ideas are employed in the manufacturing process to ensure better yield. Finepac ® also has a full-fledged fabrication and machine shop for manufacture of Column packing (structured packing, random packing), Column internal, Distillation trays(Sieve trays, bubble cap, floating valve & fixed valve) Process Columns, Heat Exchangers, Pusher Centrifuges, Static Mixers etc. The fabrication shop is equipped for manufacturing column trays of different types also. The company can undertake fabrication from various MOC like carbon steel, stainless steel, copper, titanium etc. Finepac ® has developed the pusher type horizontal continuous pusher centrifuges used for solid liquid separation. Smaller to medium capacity machines have already started spinning in the chemical industries with satisfactory results and the company is now planning to introduce pusher centrifuges of bigger capacities. The company also supplies static mixers. Finepac ® caters to the chemical industries for mass transfer operations in general and for distillation, absorption, solid liquid separation and mixing operation in particular and to the industry segment of organic chemicals, petrochemicals, drug and dye intermediates, pharmaceuticals, aromatic and essential oils, pesticides and fertilizers, alcohols, & oil and gas industries. The company's future plans include development of equipment for other unit operations and enguage in Design, Manufacturing & Supply on a turnkey basis for solvent distillation like Methanol, IPA, Acetone etc. Finepac ® has a multicultural team international experience, gained from having worked across a wide range of industries. The company also forges alliances with respected business partners in the field of business promotion. In a nutshell, Finepac ® offers an experienced eye coupled with a dynamic yet integrated portfolio.
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